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Tour Packages Agreement


Contracting Parties: This contract is entered into between; Akdeniz University Uluğbey R&D Building No: 3A / 5 Teknokent Antalya, with the contact number +90 546 867 69 27 and internet address (and the consumer whose name, surname and address are specified on the tour registration form) has been contracted.



When registering for products or services, 100% of the total fee is charged.



1. The consumer has the right to terminate the contract unilaterally, provided that it notifies and its agent in writing or with a data storage device. In the termination notifications made at least 30 days before the package tour begins; the amount paid is returned to the consumer without any deduction, except for the compulsory taxes, fees, fees that cannot be paid to third parties and expenses arising from legal obligations. It is not refundable if visa service is received for travel abroad. The consumer agrees and undertakes to pay 40% of the tour price to within less than 15 days, 29 - 15 days prior to the start of the trip, as a withdrawal compensation. In case of withdrawing from the contract, the tour price paid by the consumer within at least 7 working days according to the cancellation penalty conditions will be refunded by or its intermediary.

2. Through, it can cancel the partial or complete cancellation of the package tour due to the insufficient number of people participating in the tour or operational reasons, provided that the Consumer is notified at least 20 days before the departure date. In this case, the consumer has no right for compensation. undertakes to return all payments received from the consumer to the consumer within 7 working days.

3. If the consumer is unable to continue the package tour or accommodate in accordance with the hotel reservation, he / she may notify of his / her intention at least 7 days before the departure date and transfer the reservation to a third party who will fulfill all the conditions applicable to the package tour. In this case, the persons who transfer and take over the package tour or accommodation reservation are jointly responsible against for the payment of the balance amount and all additional costs arising from the said transfer. The visa fees of the consumers whose visa procedures have been completed regarding the transferred tours will not be refunded. Consumers who take over the package tour will have their visa responsibilities.

4. If the consumer fails to notify in writing that he will participate in the trip he missed, has the right to cancel all reservations made on behalf of the consumer 24 hours after the start of the trip. No refund will be made to the consumer for such cancellations.

5. The above mentioned cancellation / refund conditions are not valid for our tours which are declared as "Promotion" and there is no cancellation or change possibility. No refunds will be made.


Force majeure conditions included in the laws, situations that arise due to extraordinary and unpredictable events despite taking all necessary care and measures and preventing the start, continuation or termination of the package tour, situations where the agency has no effect on the event and is considered force majeure for its agent. These cases;

a) Natural disasters or epidemics such as, but not limited to, earthquake, fire, volcano eruption, flood, storm, hurricane, fog, avalanche, lightning, and nuclear, chemical disasters or sprinkles and epidemic diseases and, without limitation, similar situations and events; states of emergency.

b) Turkey borders in or to go within the scope of the package tour country / countries, border gates and / or crossing the border into the neighboring country, in exceptional circumstances preventing the international air land and sea transportation, war or mobilization, popular uprising, attack or terrorist acts, sabotage riots, occupation and civil war, revolution, insurrection, enforced seizure, military coup, civil riots, industrial disputes, government sanctions, embargoes, strikes, lockouts, any state of emergency or dismissal of employees, including but not limited to closed or occupied ports.


c) Other force majeure conditions agreed by the parties according to the type of package tour.


6. In cases where there is a force majeure, and its SUPPLIER cannot be held liable for any damages arising from the non-performance of the contract at all or as required. or its agent and its representatives in that location are obliged to provide immediate assistance in case the consumer is in a difficult situation.

7. The consumer has the right to cancel the reservation if he or his first-degree relatives document their 10-day habitual occupation or deaths with a double-signed official report from a fully-fledged State Hospital or a document to be obtained from the official authorities. In case of cancellations made 7 days or less before the trip date, for whatever reason, expenses incurred to third parties for the purpose of the flight ticket service in the package and the tour and which cannot be recovered will be collected from the consumer. Diseases that have been declared epidemic and historical diseases in the country are not included in the scope of cancellation.


1. reserves the right to change the names of the hotels within the scope of the trip, means of transportation, overnight stays, departure times and their departure times by notifying the consumer, provided that they comply with the standards specified in the program. The tour programs given during registration are sample programs. The dates and places where the extra tours specified in the tour programs will be organized can be changed. Extra tours are not obligatory for The consumer cannot claim to participate in the tour due to the presence of extra tours.


2. Since all regulations related to charter flights are subject to international aviation rules, airlines have the right to change all kinds of time changes, aircraft type and airline companies in these flights, as required by the Warsaw Convention. Departure time cannot be guaranteed, the carrier may change or not make stopovers shown on tickets. As the flight times are fixed 48 hours before, the hours specified during the sale are possible hours and cannot be held responsible for changes in this matter. For this reason, cancellation and refund requests cannot be accepted due to the nature of the flight ticket.


3. In plane transportation, in case of loss and damage of the airline company offered to the consumer, the rules of the relevant airline company are valid.


4. If requested from to follow visa procedures, the consumer must have a passport valid for at least six months and apply to within the framework of the documents and time period determined by the relevant Consulate. In visa transactions, is not an intermediary between the consumer and the Consulate. Passport durations may vary according to the country of travel, for passports with a duration of less than six months, it is necessary to get information from head office. Our guests with a passport of another country must confirm from their Consulate or embassies whether they can travel with their passports that have not expired.


5. The consumer (s) who do not have a signature in the contract but participate in the tour subject to the contract, the consumer (s) they have assigned to register on their behalf are deemed to have accepted and committed the terms of the contract by signing this contract. Consumers participating in this trip have learned the terms of this contract, which will be valid between the parties, due to the brochure, website and advertisements, even if they have not signed it, and agree to participate in the trip under the terms of this contract. For this reason, the consumer does not have the right to cancel the tour. The customer who registers tour for more than one person has to fulfill all obligations as a party to the contract.


6. In the event that the consumer leaves the tour with the bet that the service is defective, he / she has to notify the agency official and the hotel where he / she is staying in writing, together with the reasons. Otherwise, the consumer tour is deemed to have abandoned not for defective service but for personal reasons and is deemed to have received and used the service. It is the responsibility of the bona fide consumer to inform the authority in writing of the issues that the consumer complains about during the performance of the service. The consumer is obliged to notify the relevant service provider and travel agency within 30 days from the date that the service should be performed or if the contract is not performed properly or at all.


7. If the package is included in the program, it is covered by the tour fee.


8. is in an intermediary position in the presence of consumers, hotel, carrier companies and any other third parties and legal entities providing travel related services and is obliged to report any changes that will occur within 24 hours. In case of malfunction or accident, the consumer will first go to the request and collection of his material and moral demands from the actual perpetrators, and in cases where he cannot fully receive the receivables from the person of interest, he can apply to the Travel Agency.


9. Rooms are not delivered to consumers before 15:00 on the day of arrival at the hotel and the ship. On the day of departure from the hotel, consumers are required to vacate their rooms until 10:00 at the latest. In triple rooms, the standard of extra beds may differ.


10. Payments are made in cash or with the credit cards of the banks in cash and / or in installments with the credit cards of the banks in installments. If the payment is not made in sales by credit card, the consumer is in contact with the bank with which the credit card contract was signed and the interest rates to be applied by the bank are valid. Therefore, is not the addressee. Payments made in Euro are processed in the free market or at the exchange rate determined by the company.


11. The prices and conditions stipulated in the package tour contract cannot be changed. However, this provision does not apply to price changes arising from fees, fees and exchange rates such as landing taxes at the port and airport. Before the package tour, the price increase that occurs due to the reasons given above is notified to the consumer. In this case, the consumer uses the right to withdraw from the contract without paying any compensation or accepts the additional contract that clearly states the changes and their effect on the price excluding visa costs and insurance costs. If the consumer returns from the contract, can use one of the right to buy another equivalent package tour or to return from the contract by taking back all the price paid within the scope of the contract (within 8 days) if can offer him a replacement package tour.


12. is responsible for changes in the tour program purchased by the consumer after the start of the trip. can compensate the obvious changes that are against the consumer and are damaged, calculation of compensation during or after the trip, as per the provisions of the TURSAB Schedule '' Tursab: Tourism Consumer Claims Assessment Schedule '', as well as compensating the consumer in the form of a price or service refund, and Compensation can also be made with additional services provided to the consumer during the trip. The purchase and use or consumption of additional or replacement services by the consumer eliminates the consumer's right to reimbursement and compensation.


13. Passengers of who have purchased package tours are under the coverage of "Compulsory Package Tour Liability Insurance", which is provided with the insurance policy regulated in accordance with the Travel Agencies Law No.1618 and covers the guarantees that the commitment is not fulfilled and the service cannot be provided as promised. Compulsory Package Tour Liability Insurance has the above-mentioned guarantees and does not provide travel health and assistance services to consumers. Package insurance, which includes travel health and assistance services, can be requested from for a fee. The scope of coverage for incomplete or defective performance, damage, loss and loss of consumers who purchase travel insurance services or are included in the travel insurance package is determined by the policy of the insurance company that provides this service. The agency does not bear any responsibility for the content, scope and application of these guarantees.


14. In matters not written in this contract; current relevant legislation, IATA, IH, UFTAA Convention's provisions, civil aviation law, international conventions to which Turkey is included and Regulation have been removed due to these Regulations, circular and Communications shall apply. TURSAB Arbitration Board is authorized for disputes arising from the contract, and its procedures are valid.


15. The consumer is responsible for the accuracy of the names declared in the contract (as written in the passport).


16. This package tour agreement, which has been drawn up in two copies between the parties, has been drawn up, read, signed and accepted together with the tour registration form, both back and forth.


In accordance with the Law on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce numbered 6563, I agree to receive promotional and promotional messages to me electronically.


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