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About Us

About Us


ALOS Travel (Online Travel Agency) with its global distribution system, offers products and services with high speed and vast trust to global citizens before and after a product or service is bought. While offering any service or product nature, environment and people triangle is the main focus along with creating job opportunities for the youth of globe. For ALOS Travel, regardless of the action, the client has the priority.


ALOS Travel aims to be a well-known global brand all around the world while being consistent with its day to day operations. ALOS Travel takes the direction to be the most preferred Online Travel Agency for tourism and travel inside and outside of Turkey by the citizens of globe;

  • To be shown as exemplary game host for team playing;
  • To create the best and ever-lasting memories through products and services provided;
  • To meet with clients’ needs and wants in a fast and satisfaying way;
  • To create job positions with its operations for the youth of globe;
  • To provide more to the Economy of Turkish Republic;
  • To provide customized service and product to self for everyone.